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I will always greet you with a welcoming and friendly attitude, you will be assured of professional work with a personal outlook.

The services my business supplies is gardening revival, maintenance and repairs around the garden and home.

A garden will grow and get out of control if left unattended, unfortunately a gardens time frame is fixed irrespective of our commitments and wants, it will spread very quickly if the growing conditions are at optimum; in the height of the summer it appears to run rampant overnight!


The need for regular maintenance will keep your garden under control and will be a pleasure to be in.



What I can do for you?

The English love of the country side and outdoor living  means we no longer regard our garden as a place soley the domain of flowers, grass, bushes, trees and weeds.


We use the garden more as an extension to our indoor living, from having a barbeque with friends and relations, to celebrating a special occassion within a marquee or gazebo. or just enjoying the fresh air.


You can enjoy the out door experience more when relaxed and comfortable. Good company, excellent food and some drink, you do not want this spoiled by the surroundings!


Not only do we require the weather to be dry, warm and quiet but the surroundings need to be comfortable, yet retain the pleasent and fresh ambience of the outdoors.


If  fences are in a poor state of repair or need a lick of preservative or stain, then this will be noticeable and affect you and your friends enjoyment.

Also if any other wooden structure is in a poor state this will detract from the overall experience, this may be a shed, wooden greenhouse, wooden archways or an outside heated tub frame.


The services provided by Richard Greenfingers crosses different platforms of skills and this is of great benefit to you, while working on your gardening project it is quite likely I will notice other areas needing attention, this could be a repair that needs attending to, or foliage that could compromise the integrity of your  property.


How I arrived at this stage in my life 

My working life has been mainly involved with in the printing environment where I developed my sense of practibility, adaptability and an eye for colour and  detail.


Away from work, I found being involved with D.I.Y in the home and gardening gave me peace of mind,  helping to keep me active, this interest developed into a hobby over the years.


Later in my working life I was made redundant, trying to return to my chosen career I found that the same opportunities into that career no longer existed.


I decided to pursue an entirely different course, this is using my lifetime skills coupled with my gardening interest.


Having developed different skills over time enables me to produce a solution to many encountered problems, from the practical to the personal.


Some of my skills are inherent and some learnt and developed, by having  practical ability and an empathic nature helps to appreciate what you, the client, wants, with that in mind a solution can be found. 


This is a short resume of who I am and what I can do for you, if you like what you see and want to know more about whom I am, give me a call.


Richard Green







Examples of my other services


Cleaning and painting a clients garden ornaments

cleaned and ready for painting

From selection of material (pine), construction to sealer, first coat, second coat and erection at the clients premises

constructed from pine wood cut to specifications


shelving unit
Garden maintenance and D.I.Y Services
Richard Greenfingers


Low level windows and guttering

Cleaning your PVCu window frames, guttering and plastic furniture returning to original showroom condition, using non damaging cleaners.

2016-07-13 001.JPG

Friendly and Professional

You will always be faced with a can do attitude from me and any professional trades people I recommend.

Supplying Services


Aware that you have different gardening or maintenance issues I am able to offer solutions to your challenges, by offering practical help and advice.

Forever active, the garden does not stop growing, it only slows down  during the cooler months, at other times it is lurking waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting.

My primary service that I offer to you is in the form of garden maintenance, with my range of skills I am able to offer other services to help you.

Some of my other services



When the weather is inclement, working on your garden is not possible, this is where any paint work, or interior repairs can be accomplished, of course, if  weather permits, any exterior paintwork and can be done too.


Hedges trimmed and thinned

A neatly trimmed hedge sets the garden off and signals to others that you care for your garden.

Having the hedge trimmed occasionally encourages healthy and strong growth, the leaves will be full and vibrant, by thinning out the hedge, this will enable the growth to become consistent and not become leggy and have  woody shoots.

Having all this done will keep maintenance of your hedge to a minimum as well as making the hedge inviting for birds to rest, or nest in.






Soil enhancement and stabilisation

Soil that is rich in humus will have plenty of nutrients to feed the plants that you have planted, the humus will help with water retention too, the main effect is,


  1. water helps to feed the plants,

  2. water is held with in the soil and does not run off leaching precious nutrients away.

Because of the moisture and humus it attracts natures little helpers, one such is the humble worm, these help to aerate the soil and convert waste leaves etc into a finer product that is beneficial to plant life and helps to condition the soil.

The action and movement of the worm means any goodness the worm produces is made below the surface where the plants roots are and benefit very quickly.


Having healthy soil encourages plants and bushes to grow healthily, again, if you have plenty of cover this will attract beneficial insects and wild life, the extra plant cover will help to stop  the ground from drying out on hot occasions, also the ground will be protected from any drying wind.



Flower propagation and care

Now you have the soil sorted for planting of flowers or bushes.

What's next?

All soil has a pH value assigned to it, pH is a value attached to the soil indicating alkalinity or acidity,  meaning that your soil can  be harmful to certain plants. Most plants will grow in a neutral soil, which neither acidic or alkali, whereas some plants and bushes can grow better in acidic or alkaline soils, this is fine if your soil is suited to your particular plant, if not the plant will struggle to survive and may perish. The same can be said of alkaline base soil.

If your soil has a neutral pH reading then most plants will grow and prosper, it is beneficial to the plant and yourself if you buy plants that are suitable for the soil conditions, there are ways around this challenge, you can use planters on the patio with the appropriate medium or construct raised beds and again fill with the appropriate medium.

Using a soil test kit will determine the pH value of your soil.


You may also have an area for your vegetables, again the growing conditions and soil will dictate how your veg grows.

Some veg will need to be grown in light, well drained fine soil, such as carrots, planting these in a heavy, clay ridden garden, will be detrimental to carrots, clay tends to hold water and make the ground cold, both elements will stunt the growth of carrots, but those same conditions could be of benefit to the calabrese family.

Lawn mown and edges trimmed

Quintessentially British, a neat looking lawn especially if showing to passers by, will make them look more than once and notice your neat lawn and trimmed edges.

When this happens they also notice how well kept and maintained the rest of your property is.

rear patio b 4 pressure washing.jpg

Before, dull and unattractive 


Part washed, what a difference

 After, an inviting patio for entertaining  

Satisfied clients


"I just wanted to thank you for making my garden look wonderful. You promised it would look great and it does. You were skillful, efficient and very polite, I would not hesitate to recommend you".


         "Highly recommeded"


Sheila Fullard - Stoney Stanton

"I am blind and unable to see what improvements have  been made to my garden", my wife exclaims that "Richard has done an excellent job of reviving a neglected garden, he is reliable and willing to help in offering advice and ideas and with non gardening tasks too"


Tony Mallet - Hinckley




"Having a reliable and friendly gardener calling each week has reassured me that my garden will not turn in to an overgrown wilderness, he is helpful with other concerns too"


D Farmer - Hinckley




"I am a full time carer for my husband and no longer have time to care for my garden as much as I would have liked, since Richard helped to extend my gravelled area, took out a border and helped remove unwanted tree roots, this has given me more time to care for my husband and enjoy the view in my garden"


J Coulson - South Wigston



"My health concerns have limited me while gardening,  I have the interest but I am limited physically in what I am able to do. Since Richard has helped out with the gardening it is a lot more manageable, he is courteous helpful and reliable. I am now able to share the gardening with my husband"


E Stevens - Cosby



Contact me for a quote



D.I.Y Services

Also available to you is my personal D.I.Y service, this includes jobs that are not necessarily connected with the garden, this could be,

  • Assistance with erecting flat pack furniture

  • Shelf erection

  • Interior decorating

  • Rrepairs and many others.


The above D.I.Y service is in addition to any gardening work undertaken.


The service you receive from me will always be reliable, professional, courteous and friendly,



Pressure Washing

When your patio or walkways are clean and free from dirt, pollution and algae your home takes on a well maintained appearance.

Not only can the stoneware, brickwork or paved area be pressure washed enhancing your property, outside furniture, wooden or plastic and low level guttering can be treated as well, in fact a majority of garden furniture, fixtures and fittings can be pressure washed.



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