Jobs around the garden, early spring

Even though the weather dictates when we are able to get down and dirty in the garden, the fact remains, plants, bushes and all growing elements will carry on developing irrespective of whether you feel like starting to garden and have no respect on your timetable for gardening.

When the weather is inclement there is plenty of preparation work to do prior to seeing any thing growing.


Trees and Shrubs

February is generally regarded as cold and frosty with some snow, this winter has been exceptionally wet yet unseasonably mild in comparison to previous winters.

Because of the mild weather the growing season has already started, this is the time to prune your fruit bushes and canes to take advantage of the rising sap, trimming off the dead wood which has protected the main growth.; clematis, rose bushes, and fruit trees showing new buds.

Prune at an angle just above a new full bud, this will encourage the sap to stop at the last bud and not be wasted flowing up to the dead or dying parts.

Mulch with garden compost or bark and apply a dressing of general fertilizer



Probably the focal point of most gardens ; now is the time to start working on your lawn.

Rake vigorously and mow with blades set  high.

Spike badly drained lawns and brush sandy compost into the holes.

Feed the lawn to help grass recover from winter and apply mosskiller if this wasn't done the previous



Richard Greenfingers Gardening maintenance and D.I.Y Services 2013